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I have had an interest in feet since infancy, when I would ask my grandmother to rub my feet. She never had a problem doing this as it usually ended with me falling asleep. 

This has stayed with me all through my life and whenever I felt anxious, tired or generally out of sorts I found some member of my family to rub my feet. As time went on I began to take more of an interest and discovered Reflexology. I had my first treatment in 1999 and the reflexologist asked me if there was any problem with my shoulder ? To my knowledge none and never gave her comments a second thought. I found the treatment extremely relaxing and left feeling very drowsy and relaxed. 

A few years later I began to have problems with my left foot mainly my big toe. It was very painful and at times felt if I could just snap it off at the joint it would give me some relief. Not long after I started having problems with my left shoulder. Like most people I put this down to sleeping wrong, carrying a heavy load. In 2011, I started with pain down my left arm, neck and shoulder blade. I knew that something was wrong but could not decide where it was coming from only that the pain down my left arm was excruciating. 

To cut a long story short the C5 disc in my neck had collapsed on to my spinal cord thus trapping the main nerve serving my arm.

Whilst I awaited a rather scary operation, I remembered what the reflexologist had said and began to look at Reflexology as a form of pain relief. As I looked at a foot chart, I noticed that the direct reflex point for the head is the big toe and that down the side where I had been suffering all those years ago was in fact the neck . I decided that after my operation I would study Reflexology and begin my Journey.

I use the word journey as it is my belief that is what Reflexology is. With my aid each individual will take their own journey to help rebalance their whole body.