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Grounding and protecting yourself

Apr 19, 2023 | 0 comments

Grounding and protecting yourself. Do you ever go to work and come home totally drained? Do you ever spend time with someone in need and at the end of your time together you feel a little woolly headed? Because of how the human body work holistically we all have an Aura. Some people’s Aura are larger and wider. If we don’t ground ourselves, then we end up with people less positive than us drawing the energy from our Aura and leave us feeling tired drained or just off balance. Sometimes energy depleted. Before I start the day. I like to what we call ground myself.

There are all sorts of methods but the two I like to use are. Standing barefooted on the beach or your own back garden. In fact, in does not matter if you are inside but it is nice if you can, to get outdoors. Nice to wiggle your toes in the grass or sand if you can get near a beach. Take a good deep breath in and out and close your eyes. Imagine your feet are like the roots of a tree. Feel those roots burrowing down into the ground. Visualise them going down into the earths mineral layer. This is where all the precious metals and crystals are.

At this point I think about the tubers going out and picking a crystal (in the mind that is usually a colour). Once you have pictured your colour take some nice big breaths in and think of your breath drawing the colour up through your body. Keep the deep breathing going and visualise the colour surrounding you protecting you . Taking five mins a day to do this really help you to get through the day on an even keel. The second is how I like to teach children and one I learnt from a lovely lady called Sue Ricks when I did some training with her for children and babies Reflexology. T

his involves imagine stepping into a beautiful coloured bubble that is breathable and flexible so you are able to move around . Strong enough not to pop and one that can protect you form the negativity of others. I also like to use different Crystals to protect me either in crystal form or as a bracelet or necklace.