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Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage.

Indian head has been practiced all over I India for centuries. It is based on one of the oldest forms of healing Ayurveda. The Ayru-Vedo which translates to (art of life) is a sacred Hindu book that was written around 1,7oo BC. It talks about massage being a good way to aid healing and pain relief.

The head massage skills were passed down through the family on the female side as part of their daily ritual. It is thought that pregnant women were given these head massages every day to help them cope with labour. This continued after the birth of the baby to help rebalance the body. These massages are still used in India today. In the west we have adapted it. I give this treatment whist the client is sat in a chair. This way the face and jaw can be massaged too.

As with Reflexology there is a consultation before hand to make sure there are no contra indications.

Improves cardiovascular and Lymphatic systems

Helps relieve tension headaches

Increases circulation/oxygen to scalp and head aiding in the improvement of scalp and hair Conditions

Can help to relieve eye strain and sinus problems

Helps to relieve emotional tension and trapped emotions

Help relieve pain in upper back shoulders and neck.

General aid for the upper back shoulders and neck